Java classes that convert A-Law or u-Law byte streams into PCM byte streams or *.wav files and vice versa. A simple sound player and recorder
  1. CompressInputStream :
    Converts a PCM byte stream into an A-Law or u-Law byte stream. [1]
  2. DecompressInputStream :
    Converts an A-Law or u-Law byte stream into a PCM byte stream. [1]
  3. ConvertInputStream :
    Converts an A-Law into u-Law byte stream or vice versa. [1]
  4. WaveOutputFile :
    Writes sound data into a wav file.
  5. EavesdropInputStream :
    Acts as an FilterInputStream, but takes as well the audio input stream and sends it to the default audio output device (i.e. speaker).
  6. SoundPlayer :
    A component that will play a given sound file and has simple control buttons like start, pause, rewind.

The PCM-Format is :
PCM 8000.0 Hz, 16 bit, mono, SIGNED, little-endian
static AudioFormat pcmformat = new AudioFormat(8000,16,1,true,false);

[1] Willi-Hans Steeb; Mathematical Tools in Signal Processing with C++ and Java Simulations; International School for Scientific Computing

    Java package that offers a virtual mixer that provides multiple speaker and microphone lines.