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To download the whole package including this website's documents and jar files click here :

mmsc.jar (~1.1 MB)

Windows XP: Change .zip into .jar

mmsc.jar does not contain any example applet files anymore. Please download them separately, from their respective package pages.

For installation instructions look here:

installation instructions

A few links to dedicated jars.

  1. Twain Jar
  2. Sane Jar

Test Environment

  1. CAPI

    EiconDiva Server BRIWindows XP,
    Linux SuSE [8.2,9.1,9.3] 10.2
    Active Controller. Proprietary Eicon Driver.
    AVMFritz!Card PCI
    Windows XP,
    Linux SuSE [9.1,9.3], 10.2
    Passive Controller. Proprietary AVM Driver. Fax header will be cut after about 30 bytes.

  2. SANE

    HPPhotosmart 3210Linux SuSE [9.3],10.2

  3. TWAIN

    Windows XP: Everything I tried worked. Various Scanners and Webcams.